Man pages for parmsurvfit
Parametric Models for Survival Data

aggressiveData on time until drivers honked their horn when being...
compute_ADAnderson-Darling goodness of fit test statistic
firstdrinkData on age at first drink of alcohol.
fit_dataFitting right censored survival data to distribution
graduateData on time until graduation for 1000 college students.
oscarsData on time until actors receive their first Academy Award...
parmsurvfitparmsurvfit: Fitting right censored data to parametric...
plot_cumhazPlotting parametric cumulative hazard curves
plot_densityPlotting density function overlayed on top of a histogram of...
plot_hazPlotting parametric hazard curves
plot_ppsurvPlotting percent-percent plots for parametric fitting of data
plot_survPlotting parametric survival curves
rearrestData on time until re-incarceration for 194 inmates.
surv_probSurvival probability based on parametric distribution
surv_summarySummary statistics based on parametric distribution
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