Embed animations using SciAnimator in knitr

We can set the package option animation.fun to hook_scianimator so that multiple plots in a chunk can be animated via the SciAnimator library.

opts_knit$set(animation.fun = hook_scianimator)

You have to embed the jQuery and SciAnimator libraries in the HTML header (between <head> and </head>), even though some browsers can tolerate it if you insert a style sheet after <body>.

Here comes a test of the Brownian motion:

n = length(palette())
x = rnorm(n); y = rnorm(n)
for (i in 1:20) {
  x = x + rnorm(n); y = y + rnorm(n)
  plot(x, y, xlim=c(-10, 10), ylim=c(-10,10), pch=19, col=1:n, cex=2)

There are many other examples at http://vis.supstat.com.

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