Man pages for particles
A Graph Based Particle Simulator Based on D3-Force

center_forceCenter all particles around the origin without affecting...
collision_forceModels particles as circles with a given radius and pushes...
dominator_constraintRestrict child position based on parent position
evolveMove the simulation forward one or more steps
field_forceApply a vector field to particles
genesisParticle initialisation
infinity_constraintReposition particles outside a canvas so they wrap around
link_forceAttract or repel linked particles
manybody_forceModel attraction or repulsion between all particles in the...
map_forceApply a map to particles
mean_forceApply the mean velocity of all the neighbors to a particle
particles-packageparticles: A Graph Based Particle Simulator Based on D3-Force
path_constraintLimit particle position to be along a path or outline
polygon_constraintFixes particles to be inside a polygon
random_forceModify the velocity randomly at each step
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reset_forceReset the velocity verlet of particles to a fixed value
simulateStart a simulation based on a graph
simulation_modificationModify the particles in a simulation
trap_forceAttract and trap particles within polygons
velocity_constraintLimits particles to a specific velocity range
wieldAssign a force or constraint to a simulation
x_constraintFixes particles to a horizontal position
x_forceAttract particles towards a horizontal position
y_constraintFixes particles to a vertical position
y_forceAttract particles towards a vertical position
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