Man pages for partykit
A Toolkit for Recursive Partytioning

cforestConditional Random Forests
ctreeConditional Inference Trees
ctree_controlControl for Conditional Inference Trees
glmtreeGeneralized Linear Model Trees
HuntingSpidersAbundance of Hunting Spiders
lmtreeLinear Model Trees
mobModel-based Recursive Partitioning
mob_controlControl Parameters for Model-Based Partitioning
model.frame.rpartModel Frame Method for rpart
nodeapplyApply Functions Over Nodes
nodeidsExtract Node Identifiers
palmtreePartially Additive (Generalized) Linear Model Trees
panelfunctionsPanel-Generators for Visualization of Party Trees
partyRecursive Partytioning
party-coercionCoercion Functions
party-methodsMethods for Party Objects
partynodeInner and Terminal Nodes
partynode-methodsMethods for Node Objects
party-plotVisualization of Trees
party-predictTree Predictions
partysplitBinary and Multiway Splits
WeatherPlayWeather Conditions and Playing a Game
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