Man pages for pathwayTMB
Pathway Based Tumor Mutational Burden

final_characterfinal_character, the example's final signature
gene_pathgene_path, the pathways geneset
GenePathwayOncoplotsdraw an GenePathwayOncoplots
genesmbolgenesmbol, the coding genes' length
get_final_signatureFilter cancer-specific dysfunction pathways.
get_mut_matrixConverts MAF into mutation matrix.
get_PTMBCalculate the Pathway-based Tumor Mutational Burden.
mut_matrixmut_matrix, mutations matrix
plotKMcurvesDrawing Kaplan Meier Survival Curves Using the final...
plotMutInteractExact tests to detect mutually exclusive, co-occuring and...
plotROCplot the ROC curve
PTMB_matrixPTMB_matrix, the Pathway-based Tumor Mutational Burden matrix
sursur, the samples' survival data
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