Man pages for pavo
Perceptual Analysis, Visualization and Organization of Spectral Color Data in R

aggplotPlot aggregated reflectance spectra
aggspecAggregate reflectance spectra
as.rspecConvert data to an rspec object
axistetraPlot reference axes in a static tetrahedral colorspace
bgandilumDefault background and illuminant data
bootcoldistBootstrap colour distance confidence intervals
categoricalCategorical fly-visual model
catplotPlot the categorical colour vision model
cieCIE colour spaces
cieplotCIE plot
cocColor opponent coding model
cocplotPlot the colour opponent coding diagram
coldistColor distances
coldist2matConvert coldist to distance matrix
colspaceModel spectra in a colorspace
diplotPlot a dichromat segment
dispaceDichromatic colour space
explorespecPlot spectral curves
flowersReflectance spectra from a suite of native Australian...
getspecImport spectra files
hexagonColour hexagon
hexplotPlot a colour hexagon
irrad2fluxConverts between irradiance and photon (quantum) flux
jnd2xyzConvert JND distances into perceptually-corrected Cartesian...
jndplotPerceptually-corrected chromaticity diagrams
jndrotRotate Cartesian coordinates obtained from 'jnd2xyz'
legendtetraAdd legend to a static tetrahedral colorspace
merge.rspecMerge two rspec objects
parse_procspecImport ProcSpec spectra file
pavo-deprecatedDeprecated function(s) in the pavo package
pavo-packagepavo: Perceptual Analysis, Visualization and Organization of...
peakshapePeak shape descriptors
plot.colspacePlot spectra in a colourspace
plot.rspecPlot spectra
plotsmoothPlot loess smoothed curves
points.colspacePlot points in a colorspace
procspecProcess spectra
projplotHue projection plot
segplotPlot the segment-analysis model
segspaceSegment classification
sensdataRetrieve or plot in-built data
sensmodelmodeling spectral sensitivity
sicalisSpectral curves from three body regions of Stripe-Tailed...
spec2rgbSpectrum to rgb color conversion
subset.rspecSubset rspec, vismodel, and colspace objects
summary.colspaceColorspace data summary
summary.rspecColorimetric variables
summary.vismodelVisual model summary
tcspaceTetrahedral colourspace
tcsplotInteractive plot of a tetrahedral colorspace
tealAngle-resolved reflectance data for the iridescent wing patch...
tetraplotPlot a static tetrahedral colorspace
transmissiondataDefault ocular transmission data
triplotPlot a maxwell triangle
trispaceTrichromatic colour space
ttvertexvertex for the tetrahedral color space
vismodelVisual models
vissystAnimal visual systems data
volPlot a tetrahedral color space
voloverlapColor volume overlap
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