plot.colspace: Plot spectra in a colourspace

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Plot spectra in a colourspace


Plots reflectance spectra in the appropriate colourspace.


## S3 method for class 'colspace'
plot(x, ...)



(required) an object of class colspace.


additional graphical options, which vary by modeled space. Refer to their individual documentation:

  • diplot(): dichromat space

  • triplot(): trichromat space

  • tetraplot(): tetrahedral space

  • catplot(): categorical space

  • hexplot(): colour hexagon

  • cocplot(): colour-opponent-coding space

  • cieplot(): cie spaces

  • segplot(): segment analysis space

  • jndplot(): perceptual, 'noise corrected' space (for the results of jnd2xyz())

Also see par().


A colourspace plot appropriate to the input data.


Rafael Maia

Thomas White

Chad Eliason


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See Also

plot(), points.colspace()



# Dichromat <- vismodel(flowers, visual = "canis") <- colspace(, space = "di")

# Colour hexagon <- vismodel(flowers,
  visual = "apis", qcatch = "Ei", relative = FALSE,
  vonkries = TRUE, achromatic = "l", bkg = "green"
) <- colspace(, space = "hexagon")
plot(, sectors = "coarse")

# Tetrahedron (static)
vis.sicalis <- vismodel(sicalis, visual = "avg.uv")
tcs.sicalis <- colspace(vis.sicalis, space = "tcs")

# Tetrahedron (interactive)
vis.sicalis <- vismodel(sicalis, visual = "avg.uv")
tcs.sicalis <- colspace(vis.sicalis, space = "tcs")
tcsplot(tcs.sicalis, size = 0.005)

## Add points to interactive tetrahedron
patch <- rep(c("C", "T", "B"), 7) <- subset(tcs.sicalis, "C")
tcs.breast <- subset(tcs.sicalis, "B")
tcsplot(, col = "blue")
tcspoints(tcs.breast, col = "red")

## Plot convex hull in interactive tetrahedron
tcsplot(tcs.sicalis, col = "blue", size = 0.005)

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