aws_error: Generate a classed http error

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This function generates S3 error objects which are passed to stop() to generate classed errors. These can be used in conjunction with tryCatch() to respond differently to different types of failure.


aws_error(e, call =, use_call = FALSE)



An error struct, like ones generated by paws::Error. Must contain fields code (string),message (string), status_code (numeric), error_response (list).


The call stored in the condition object.


This expands on the condition messages generated by the httr package in httr::http_condition(). In addition to error classes like http_error, http_400, and http_404, this sets attributes on the error condition that contain the unmarshaled error reponse from AWS for the respective service.


An S3 object that inherits from (e.g.) condition, error, http_error, http_400 and http_404.

See Also for more details about R's condition handling model for the httr inspiration of this condition

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