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Amazon EventBridge helps you to respond to state changes in your AWS resources. When your resources change state, they automatically send events into an event stream. You can create rules that match selected events in the stream and route them to targets to take action. You can also use rules to take action on a predetermined schedule. For example, you can configure rules to:

For more information about the features of Amazon EventBridge, see the Amazon EventBridge User Guide.


cloudwatchevents(config = list())



Optional configuration of credentials, endpoint, and/or region.


A client for the service. You can call the service's operations using syntax like svc$operation(...), where svc is the name you've assigned to the client. The available operations are listed in the Operations section.

Service syntax

svc <- cloudwatchevents(
  config = list(
    credentials = list(
      creds = list(
        access_key_id = "string",
        secret_access_key = "string",
        session_token = "string"
      profile = "string"
    endpoint = "string",
    region = "string"


activate_event_source Activates a partner event source that has been deactivated
cancel_replay Cancels the specified replay
create_archive Creates an archive of events with the specified settings
create_event_bus Creates a new event bus within your account
create_partner_event_source Called by an SaaS partner to create a partner event source
deactivate_event_source You can use this operation to temporarily stop receiving events from the specified partner event source
delete_archive Deletes the specified archive
delete_event_bus Deletes the specified custom event bus or partner event bus
delete_partner_event_source This operation is used by SaaS partners to delete a partner event source
delete_rule Deletes the specified rule
describe_archive Retrieves details about an archive
describe_event_bus Displays details about an event bus in your account
describe_event_source This operation lists details about a partner event source that is shared with your account
describe_partner_event_source An SaaS partner can use this operation to list details about a partner event source that they have created
describe_replay Retrieves details about a replay
describe_rule Describes the specified rule
disable_rule Disables the specified rule
enable_rule Enables the specified rule
list_archives Lists your archives
list_event_buses Lists all the event buses in your account, including the default event bus, custom event buses, and partner event buses
list_event_sources You can use this to see all the partner event sources that have been shared with your AWS account
list_partner_event_source_accounts An SaaS partner can use this operation to display the AWS account ID that a particular partner event source name is associated with
list_partner_event_sources An SaaS partner can use this operation to list all the partner event source names that they have created
list_replays Lists your replays
list_rule_names_by_target Lists the rules for the specified target
list_rules Lists your Amazon EventBridge rules
list_tags_for_resource Displays the tags associated with an EventBridge resource
list_targets_by_rule Lists the targets assigned to the specified rule
put_events Sends custom events to Amazon EventBridge so that they can be matched to rules
put_partner_events This is used by SaaS partners to write events to a customer's partner event bus
put_permission Running PutPermission permits the specified AWS account or AWS organization to put events to the specified event bus
put_rule Creates or updates the specified rule
put_targets Adds the specified targets to the specified rule, or updates the targets if they are already associated with the rule
remove_permission Revokes the permission of another AWS account to be able to put events to the specified event bus
remove_targets Removes the specified targets from the specified rule
start_replay Starts the specified replay
tag_resource Assigns one or more tags (key-value pairs) to the specified EventBridge resource
test_event_pattern Tests whether the specified event pattern matches the provided event
untag_resource Removes one or more tags from the specified EventBridge resource
update_archive Updates the specified archive


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svc <- cloudwatchevents()
  Foo = 123

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