cloudwatchevents_delete_rule: Deletes the specified rule

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cloudwatchevents_delete_ruleR Documentation

Deletes the specified rule


Deletes the specified rule.

See for full documentation.


cloudwatchevents_delete_rule(Name, EventBusName = NULL, Force = NULL)



[required] The name of the rule.


The name or ARN of the event bus associated with the rule. If you omit this, the default event bus is used.


If this is a managed rule, created by an Amazon Web Services service on your behalf, you must specify Force as True to delete the rule. This parameter is ignored for rules that are not managed rules. You can check whether a rule is a managed rule by using describe_rule or list_rules and checking the ManagedBy field of the response. documentation built on Sept. 12, 2023, 1:06 a.m.