health_disable_health_service_access_for_organization: Disables AWS Health from working with AWS Organizations

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Disables AWS Health from working with AWS Organizations. To call this operation, you must sign in as an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, assume an IAM role, or sign in as the root user (not recommended) in the organization's master AWS account. For more information, see Aggregating AWS Health events in the AWS Health User Guide.

This operation doesn't remove the service-linked role (SLR) from the AWS master account in your organization. You must use the IAM console, API, or AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to remove the SLR. For more information, see Deleting a Service-Linked Role in the IAM User Guide.

You can also disable the organizational feature by using the Organizations DisableAWSServiceAccess API operation. After you call this operation, AWS Health stops aggregating events for all other AWS accounts in your organization. If you call the AWS Health API operations for organizational view, AWS Health returns an error. AWS Health continues to aggregate health events for your AWS account.




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