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Retrieve Performance Insights metrics for a set of data sources over a time period


Retrieve Performance Insights metrics for a set of data sources over a time period. You can provide specific dimension groups and dimensions, and provide aggregation and filtering criteria for each group.

See https://www.paws-r-sdk.com/docs/pi_get_resource_metrics/ for full documentation.


  PeriodInSeconds = NULL,
  MaxResults = NULL,
  NextToken = NULL,
  PeriodAlignment = NULL



[required] The Amazon Web Services service for which Performance Insights returns metrics. Valid values are as follows:

  • RDS



[required] An immutable identifier for a data source that is unique for an Amazon Web Services Region. Performance Insights gathers metrics from this data source. In the console, the identifier is shown as ResourceID. When you call DescribeDBInstances, the identifier is returned as DbiResourceId.

To use a DB instance as a data source, specify its DbiResourceId value. For example, specify db-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU1VW2X.


[required] An array of one or more queries to perform. Each query must specify a Performance Insights metric, and can optionally specify aggregation and filtering criteria.


[required] The date and time specifying the beginning of the requested time series query range. You can't specify a StartTime that is earlier than 7 days ago. By default, Performance Insights has 7 days of retention, but you can extend this range up to 2 years. The value specified is inclusive. Thus, the command returns data points equal to or greater than StartTime.

The value for StartTime must be earlier than the value for EndTime.


[required] The date and time specifying the end of the requested time series query range. The value specified is exclusive. Thus, the command returns data points less than (but not equal to) EndTime.

The value for EndTime must be later than the value for StartTime.


The granularity, in seconds, of the data points returned from Performance Insights. A period can be as short as one second, or as long as one day (86400 seconds). Valid values are:

  • 1 (one second)

  • 60 (one minute)

  • 300 (five minutes)

  • 3600 (one hour)

  • 86400 (twenty-four hours)

If you don't specify PeriodInSeconds, then Performance Insights will choose a value for you, with a goal of returning roughly 100-200 data points in the response.


The maximum number of items to return in the response. If more items exist than the specified MaxRecords value, a pagination token is included in the response so that the remaining results can be retrieved.


An optional pagination token provided by a previous request. If this parameter is specified, the response includes only records beyond the token, up to the value specified by MaxRecords.


The returned timestamp which is the start or end time of the time periods. The default value is END_TIME.

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