Man pages for paws
Amazon Web Services Software Development Kit

acmAWS Certificate Manager
acmpcaAWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority
apigatewayAmazon API Gateway
applicationautoscalingApplication Auto Scaling
applicationinsightsAmazon CloudWatch Application Insights
appmeshAWS App Mesh
appstreamAmazon AppStream
athenaAmazon Athena
autoscalingAuto Scaling
autoscalingplansAWS Auto Scaling Plans
backupAWS Backup
batchAWS Batch
budgetsAWS Budgets
cloud9AWS Cloud9
clouddirectoryAmazon CloudDirectory
cloudformationAWS CloudFormation
cloudfrontAmazon CloudFront
cloudhsmAmazon CloudHSM
cloudhsmv2AWS CloudHSM V2
cloudsearchAmazon CloudSearch
cloudsearchdomainAmazon CloudSearch Domain
cloudtrailAWS CloudTrail
cloudwatchAmazon CloudWatch
cloudwatcheventsAmazon CloudWatch Events
cloudwatchlogsAmazon CloudWatch Logs
codebuildAWS CodeBuild
codecommitAWS CodeCommit
codedeployAWS CodeDeploy
codepipelineAWS CodePipeline
codestarAWS CodeStar
cognitoidentityAmazon Cognito Identity
cognitoidentityproviderAmazon Cognito Identity Provider
cognitosyncAmazon Cognito Sync
comprehendAmazon Comprehend
comprehendmedicalAWS Comprehend Medical
configserviceAWS Config
connectAmazon Connect Service
costandusagereportserviceAWS Cost and Usage Report Service
costexplorerAWS Cost Explorer Service
datapipelineAWS Data Pipeline
daxAmazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
directconnectAWS Direct Connect
directoryserviceAWS Directory Service
dlmAmazon Data Lifecycle Manager
docdbAmazon DocumentDB with MongoDB compatibility
dynamodbAmazon DynamoDB
dynamodbstreamsAmazon DynamoDB Streams
ec2Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
ec2instanceconnectAWS EC2 Instance Connect
ecrAmazon EC2 Container Registry
ecsAmazon EC2 Container Service
efsAmazon Elastic File System
eksAmazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
elasticacheAmazon ElastiCache
elasticbeanstalkAWS Elastic Beanstalk
elasticsearchserviceAmazon Elasticsearch Service
elbElastic Load Balancing
elbv2Elastic Load Balancing
emrAmazon Elastic MapReduce
eventbridgeAmazon EventBridge
firehoseAmazon Kinesis Firehose
fmsFirewall Management Service
fsxAmazon FSx
glacierAmazon Glacier
globalacceleratorAWS Global Accelerator
glueAWS Glue
guarddutyAmazon GuardDuty
healthAWS Health APIs and Notifications
iamAWS Identity and Access Management
inspectorAmazon Inspector
kafkaManaged Streaming for Kafka
kinesisAmazon Kinesis
kinesisanalyticsAmazon Kinesis Analytics
kinesisanalyticsv2Amazon Kinesis Analytics
kmsAWS Key Management Service
lambdaAWS Lambda
lexmodelbuildingserviceAmazon Lex Model Building Service
lexruntimeserviceAmazon Lex Runtime Service
licensemanagerAWS License Manager
lightsailAmazon Lightsail
machinelearningAmazon Machine Learning
macieAmazon Macie
marketplacecommerceanalyticsAWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics
marketplaceentitlementserviceAWS Marketplace Entitlement Service
marketplacemeteringAWSMarketplace Metering
mturkAmazon Mechanical Turk
neptuneAmazon Neptune
opsworksAWS OpsWorks
opsworkscmAWS OpsWorks CM
organizationsAWS Organizations
personalizeAmazon Personalize
personalizeeventsAmazon Personalize Events
personalizeruntimeAmazon Personalize Runtime
piAWS Performance Insights
pinpointAmazon Pinpoint
pinpointemailAmazon Pinpoint Email Service
pinpointsmsvoiceAmazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Service
pollyAmazon Polly
pricingAWS Price List Service
quicksightAmazon QuickSight
ramAWS Resource Access Manager
rdsAmazon Relational Database Service
rdsdataserviceAWS RDS DataService
redshiftAmazon Redshift
rekognitionAmazon Rekognition
resourcegroupsAWS Resource Groups
resourcegroupstaggingapiAWS Resource Groups Tagging API
route53Amazon Route 53
route53domainsAmazon Route 53 Domains
route53resolverAmazon Route 53 Resolver
s3Amazon Simple Storage Service
s3controlAWS S3 Control
sagemakerAmazon SageMaker Service
sagemakerruntimeAmazon SageMaker Runtime
secretsmanagerAWS Secrets Manager
securityhubAWS SecurityHub
servicecatalogAWS Service Catalog
servicediscoveryAWS Cloud Map
servicequotasService Quotas
sesAmazon Simple Email Service
sfnAWS Step Functions
shieldAWS Shield
simpledbAmazon SimpleDB
snsAmazon Simple Notification Service
sqsAmazon Simple Queue Service
ssmAmazon Simple Systems Manager (SSM)
storagegatewayAWS Storage Gateway
stsAWS Security Token Service
supportAWS Support
swfAmazon Simple Workflow Service
textractAmazon Textract
transcribeserviceAmazon Transcribe Service
translateAmazon Translate
wafregionalAWS WAF Regional
workdocsAmazon WorkDocs
worklinkAmazon WorkLink
workspacesAmazon WorkSpaces
xrayAWS X-Ray
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