pbdDMAT: 'pbdR' Distributed Matrix Methods

A set of classes for managing distributed matrices, and a collection of methods for computing linear algebra and statistics. Computation is handled mostly by routines from the 'pbdBASE' package, which itself relies on the 'ScaLAPACK' and 'PBLAS' numerical libraries for distributed computing.

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AuthorDrew Schmidt [aut, cre], Wei-Chen Chen [aut], George Ostrouchov [aut], Pragneshkumar Patel [aut], ZhaoKang Wang [ctb], Michael Lawrence [ctb], R Core team [ctb] (some wrappers taken from the base and stats packages)
Date of publication2016-10-21 18:31:39
MaintainerDrew Schmidt <schmidt@math.utk.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

accessors: Accessor Functions for Distributed Matrix Slots

arithmetic: Arithmetic Operators

as.ddmatrix: Non-Distributed object to Distributed Object Converters

as.matrix: Distributed object to Matrix Converters

as.rowcyclic: Distribute/Redistribute matrices across the process grid

as.vector: Distributed object to Vector Converters

binds: Row and Column binds for Distributed Matrices

chol2inv: Inverse from Choleski (or QR) Decomposition

companion: Generate Companion Matrices

Comparators: Logical Comparisons

condnums: Compute or estimate the Condition Number of a Distributed...

control: Some default parameters for pbdDMAT.

covariance: Covariance and Correlation

ddmatrix-apply: Apply Family of Functions

ddmatrix-chol: Cholesky Factorization

ddmatrix-class: Class ddmatrix

ddmatrix-constructors: Distributed Matrix Creation

ddmatrix-eigen: eigen

ddmatrix-lu: LU Factorization

ddmatrix-norm: Norm

ddmatrix-prcomp: Principal Components Analysis

ddmatrix-print: Printing a Distributed Matrix

ddmatrix-scale: Scale

ddmatrix-solve: Solve

ddmatrix-summary: Distributed Matrix Summary

ddmatrix-sumstats: Basic Summary Statistics

ddmatrix-svd: Singular Value Decomposition

diag-constructors: Distributed Matrix Diagonals

eigen2: eigen2

expm: Matrix Exponentiation

extract: Extract or Replace Parts of a Distributed Matrix

getLocal: getLocal

headsortails: Head and Tail of a Distributed Matrix

Hilbert: Generate Hilbert Matrices

insert: Directly Insert Into Distributed Matrix Submatrix Slot

isdot: Type Checks, Including NA, NaN, etc.

isSymmetric: isSymmetric

lm.fit: Fitter for Linear Models

math: Miscellaneous Mathematical Functions

matmult: Matrix Multiplication

na: Handle Missing Values in Distributed Matrices

pbdDMAT-package: Distributed Matrix Methods

qr: QR Decomposition Methods

redistribute: Distribute/Redistribute matrices across the process grid

reductions: Arithmetic Reductions: Sums, Means, and Prods

rounding: Rounding of Numbers

sd: Covariance and Correlation

sparsity: Sparsity of Matrix Objects

sweep: Sweep

transpose: Distributed Matrix Transpose


abs,ddmatrix-method Man page
Accessors Man page
acos,ddmatrix-method Man page
all,ddmatrix-method Man page
any,ddmatrix-method Man page
apply Man page
apply,ddmatrix-method Man page
arithmetic Man page
as.block Man page
as.blockcyclic Man page
as.colblock Man page
as.colcyclic Man page
as.ddmatrix Man page
as.ddmatrix,matrix-method Man page
as.ddmatrix,NULL-method Man page
as.ddmatrix,vector-method Man page
asin,ddmatrix-method Man page
as.matrix Man page
as.matrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
as.rowblock Man page
as.rowcyclic Man page
as.vector Man page
as.vector,ddmatrix-method Man page
atan,ddmatrix-method Man page
binds Man page
bldim Man page
bldim,ddmatrix-method Man page
cbind.ddmatrix Man page
ceiling,ddmatrix-method Man page
chol Man page
chol2inv Man page
chol2inv,ddmatrix-method Man page
chol2inv-method Man page
chol,ddmatrix-method Man page
colMax Man page
colMax,ddmatrix-method Man page
colMeans,ddmatrix-method Man page
colMin Man page
colMin,ddmatrix-method Man page
colMin,matrix-method Man page
colSums,ddmatrix-method Man page
companion Man page
Comparators Man page
condnums Man page
cor,ddmatrix-method Man page
cos,ddmatrix-method Man page
cosh,ddmatrix-method Man page
cov2cor,ddmatrix-method Man page
covariance Man page
cov,ddmatrix-method Man page
crossprod,ddmatrix-method Man page
ddmatrix Man page
[<-,ddmatrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,ddmatrix,ANY,ANY,ddmatrix-method Man page
ddmatrix-apply Man page
ddmatrix,character-method Man page
ddmatrix-chol Man page
ddmatrix-class Man page
ddmatrix-constructors Man page
^,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
<=,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
<,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
==,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
>=,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
>,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
|,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
-,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
!=,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
/,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
*,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
\%/\%,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
\%*\%,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
\%\%,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
&,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
+,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
ddmatrix-eigen Man page
ddmatrix.local Man page
ddmatrix.local,character-method Man page
ddmatrix.local,matrix-method Man page
ddmatrix.local,missing-method Man page
ddmatrix.local,vector-method Man page
ddmatrix-lu Man page
ddmatrix,matrix-method Man page
[,ddmatrix-method Man page
-,ddmatrix,missing-method Man page
ddmatrix,missing-method Man page
ddmatrix-norm Man page
^,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
<=,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
<,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
==,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
>=,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
>,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
|,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
-,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
!=,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
/,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
*,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
\%/\%,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
\%\%,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
&,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
+,ddmatrix,numeric-method Man page
ddmatrix-prcomp Man page
ddmatrix-print Man page
ddmatrix-scale Man page
ddmatrix-solve Man page
ddmatrix-summary Man page
ddmatrix-sumstats Man page
ddmatrix-svd Man page
ddmatrix,vector-method Man page
diag Man page
diag,character-method Man page
diag-constructors Man page
diag,ddmatrix-method Man page
diag,matrix-method Man page
diag,vector-method Man page
dim,ddmatrix-method Man page
distribute Man page
eigen Man page
eigen2 Man page
eigen,ddmatrix-method Man page
exp,ddmatrix-method Man page
expm Man page
expm,ddmatrix-method Man page
expm,matrix-method Man page
extract Man page
floor,ddmatrix-method Man page
getLocal Man page
head.ddmatrix Man page
headsortails Man page
Hilbert Man page
ICTXT Man page
ICTXT,ddmatrix-method Man page
insert Man page
is.ddmatrix Man page
isdot Man page
is.infinite,ddmatrix-method Man page
is.na,ddmatrix-method Man page
is.nan,ddmatrix-method Man page
is.numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
isSymmetric Man page
isSymmetric,ddmatrix-method Man page
kappa.ddmatrix Man page
La.svd Man page
La.svd,ANY-method Man page
La.svd,ddmatrix-method Man page
ldim Man page
ldim,ddmatrix-method Man page
length,ddmatrix-method Man page
lm.fit Man page
lm.fit,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
log10,ddmatrix-method Man page
log1p,ddmatrix-method Man page
log2,ddmatrix-method Man page
log,ddmatrix-method Man page
lu Man page
lu,ddmatrix-method Man page
math Man page
matmult Man page
max,ddmatrix-method Man page
mean,ddmatrix-method Man page
median,ddmatrix-method Man page
min,ddmatrix-method Man page
na Man page
na.exclude Man page
na.exclude,ddmatrix-method Man page
ncol Man page
NCOL Man page
ncol,ddmatrix-method Man page
NCOL,ddmatrix-method Man page
norm Man page
norm,ddmatrix,ANY-method Man page
nrow Man page
NROW Man page
nrow,ddmatrix-method Man page
NROW,ddmatrix-method Man page
<=,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
<,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
==,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
>=,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
>,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
|,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
-,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
!=,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
/,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
*,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
\%/\%,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
\%\%,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
&,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
+,numeric,ddmatrix-method Man page
pbdDMAT Control Man page
pbdDMAT-package Man page
prcomp Man page
prcomp,ddmatrix-method Man page
print Man page
print,ddmatrix-method Man page
prod,ddmatrix-method Man page
qr Man page
qr,ddmatrix-method Man page
qr.Q Man page
qr.Q,ANY-method Man page
qr.qty Man page
qr.qty,ANY-method Man page
qr.qy Man page
qr.qy,ANY-method Man page
qr.R Man page
qr.R,ANY-method Man page
rbind.ddmatrix Man page
rcond,ddmatrix-method Man page
reblock Man page
redistribute Man page
reductions Man page
round,ddmatrix-method Man page
rounding Man page
rowMax Man page
rowMax,ddmatrix-method Man page
rowMax,matrix-method Man page
rowMeans,ddmatrix-method Man page
rowMin Man page
rowMin,ddmatrix-method Man page
rowMin,matrix-method Man page
rowSums,ddmatrix-method Man page
scale Man page
scale,ddmatrix-method Man page
sd Man page
sd,ANY-method Man page
sd,ddmatrix-method Man page
show,ddmatrix-method Man page
sin,ddmatrix-method Man page
sinh,ddmatrix-method Man page
solve,ddmatrix,ANY-method Man page
solve,ddmatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
sparsity Man page
sparsity,dmat-method Man page
sparsity,matrix-method Man page
sparsity-method Man page
sparsity,vector-method Man page
sqrt,ddmatrix-method Man page
submatrix Man page
submatrix,ddmatrix-method Man page
submatrix,Linalg-method Man page
sum,ddmatrix-method Man page
summary Man page
summary,ddmatrix-method Man page
svd Man page
svd,ANY-method Man page
svd,ddmatrix-method Man page
sweep Man page
sweep,ddmatrix,ANY,ddmatrix-method Man page
sweep,ddmatrix,ANY,vector-method Man page
t Man page
tail.ddmatrix Man page
tan,ddmatrix-method Man page
tanh,ddmatrix-method Man page
tcrossprod,ddmatrix-method Man page
t,ddmatrix-method Man page
transpose Man page
var,ddmatrix-method Man page


inst/examples/pbddmat_example1.R inst/examples/pbddmat_additional_example.R inst/examples/pbddmat_example2.R inst/examples/pbddmat_advanced_example.R
inst/tests_batch/6_redist.R inst/tests_batch/16_lmfit.R inst/tests_batch/5_stress.R inst/tests_batch/12_pblas.R inst/tests_batch/expm.r inst/tests_batch/3_rbind_cbind.R
inst/tests_batch/14_stats.R inst/tests_batch/4_construction.R
inst/tests_batch/2_NAs.R inst/tests_batch/17_norm.R inst/tests_batch/13_scalapack.R inst/tests_batch/1_extraction.R inst/tests_batch/10_reductions.R inst/tests_batch/15_qr.R inst/tests_batch/11_arithmetic.R
demo/matprod.r demo/cholesky.r demo/basic2.r demo/reductions.r demo/svd.r
demo/basic3.r demo/solve.r demo/basic1.r
R/ddmatrix_misc.R R/isSymmetric.r R/ddmatrix_lu.r R/ddmatrix_reductions.R R/ddmatrix_na.r R/ddmatrix_scale.r R/ownany.r R/ddmatrix_sweep.R R/ddmatrix_isdot.r R/000_globalVariables.r R/test_utils.r R/ddmatrix_eigen.r R/ddmatrix_solve.r R/ddmatrix_expm.r R/ddmatrix_transpose.r R/error_stuff.r R/ddmatrix_svd.r R/ddmatrix_lm.R R/accessors.r R/constructors.r R/sparsity.r R/ddmatrix_round.r R/as.vector.r R/utils.r R/01-generics.R R/00-classes.r R/ddmatrix_diag.r R/wrappers.r R/ddmatrix_head.r R/ddmatrix_redistribute.r R/as.ddmatrix.r R/ddmatrix_qr.r R/ddmatrix_[.r R/ddmatrix_sd.r R/ddmatrix_cond.r R/04-misc.R R/ddvector_arithmetic.R R/ddmatrix_logic.r R/ddmatrix_prcomp.R R/ddmatrix_matmult.r R/ddmatrix_print.r R/ddmatrix_apply.R R/ddmatrix_chol2inv.r R/ddmatrix_arithmetic.R R/ddmatrix_cov.R R/as.matrix.r R/ddmatrix_norm.r R/ddmatrix_chol.r R/ddmatrix_eigen2.r
R/dsmatrix/dsmatrix_algebra.r R/dsmatrix/converters.r R/dsmatrix/dsmatrix_misc.r R/dsmatrix/dsmatrix_expm.r R/pbdDMAT-package.R R/getLocal.r R/ddmatrix_bind.r R/ddmatrix_math.R R/ddmatrix_special.r R/zzz.R R/ddvector_misc.R R/ddmatrix_summary.r R/ddmatrix_sumstats.r
man/eigen2.Rd man/as.vector.Rd man/as.rowcyclic.Rd man/ddmatrix-constructors.Rd man/Comparators.Rd man/binds.Rd man/na.Rd man/math.Rd man/Hilbert.Rd man/sparsity.Rd man/ddmatrix-sumstats.Rd man/companion.Rd man/ddmatrix-class.Rd man/sd.Rd man/ddmatrix-lu.Rd man/transpose.Rd man/ddmatrix-svd.Rd man/headsortails.Rd man/isdot.Rd man/redistribute.Rd man/ddmatrix-prcomp.Rd man/ddmatrix-summary.Rd man/chol2inv.Rd man/ddmatrix-print.Rd man/diag-constructors.Rd man/ddmatrix-eigen.Rd man/matmult.Rd man/arithmetic.Rd man/covariance.Rd man/ddmatrix-apply.Rd man/control.Rd man/insert.Rd man/reductions.Rd man/lm.fit.Rd man/ddmatrix-scale.Rd man/qr.Rd man/as.ddmatrix.Rd man/pbdDMAT-package.Rd man/getLocal.Rd man/condnums.Rd man/sweep.Rd man/ddmatrix-chol.Rd man/ddmatrix-norm.Rd man/as.matrix.Rd man/ddmatrix-solve.Rd man/isSymmetric.Rd man/expm.Rd man/rounding.Rd man/extract.Rd man/accessors.Rd

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