Man pages for pbdZMQ
Programming with Big Data -- Interface to 'ZeroMQ'

a0_a_pbdZMQ-packageProgramming with Big Data - Interface to ZeroMQ
a0_b_controlSets of controls in pbdZMQ.
a0_b_pbd_optSet controls in pbdZMQ
a0_c_optionsInitial controls in pbdZMQ
a0_d_contextContext Functions
a1_socketSocket Functions
a2_messageMessage Functions
addressForm an Address/Endpoint
b0_sendrecvSend Receive Functions
b1_sendrecvfileFile Transfer Functions
b2_sendrecv_multipartSend Receive Multiple Raw Buffers
b3_pollPoll Functions
random_portRandom Port
u0_shellexec.wccShell Execution via cmd windows
xx_czmq_wrapperThe C-like ZeroMQ Interface
xx_ls_wrapperA wrapper function for base::ls
xx_rzmq_wrapperAll Wrapper Functions for rzmq
xx_utilityUtility Functions
zz_overwrite_shpkgOverwrite rpath of linked shared library in osx
zz_zmq_controlSets of controls in pbdZMQ.
zz_zmq_flagsZMQ Flags
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