Man pages for pbkrtest
Parametric Bootstrap and Kenward Roger Based Methods for Mixed Model Comparison

data-beetsSugar beets data
data-budwormbudworm data
get_ddf_LbAdjusted denomintor degress freedom for linear estimate for...
getkrExtract (or "get") components from a 'KRmodcomp' object.
internalInternal functions for the pbkrtest package
internal-pbkrtestpbkrtest internal
kr-modcompF-test and degrees of freedom based on Kenward-Roger...
kr-vcovAjusted covariance matrix for linear mixed models according...
model-coerceConversion between a model object and a restriction matrix
pb-modcompModel comparison using parametric bootstrap methods.
pb-refdistCalculate reference distribution using parametric bootstrap
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