Man pages for pcaPA
Parallel Analysis for Ordinal and Numeric Data using Polychoric and Pearson Correlations with S3 Classes

CalculatePABinaryParallel Analysis for Dichotomous Data.
CalculatePAContinuousParallel Analysis for continuous data.
CalculatePAMixedParallel Analysis for numeric and ordered mixed data.
CalculatePAOrderedParallel Analysis for Ordered Data.
Check.PAVerifies that an object belongs to the '"PA"' class.
coef.PAEigenvalue and percentile extraction of a '"PA"' object.
CountEigen.PANumber of observed eigenvalues that exceed a given set of...
mixedScienceSimulated data from a normal distribution added to the...
PAGeneral function to perform parallel analysis of continuous,...
plot.PAPlot method for PA objects.
print.PAPrint method for PA objects.
quantile.PAGenerate new quantiles based on given percentiles for a PA...
sim2plDataSimulated data conforming to the 2pl model.
simRaschDataSimulated data conforming to the Rasch Model.
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