Man pages for pcaPP
Robust PCA by Projection Pursuit

cor.fkFast estimation of Kendall's tau rank correlation coefficient
covPCCovariance Matrix Estimation from princomp Object
covPCARobust Covariance Matrix Estimation
data.ZouTest Data Generation for Sparse PCA examples
l1medianMultivariate L1 Median
l1median_NLMMultivariate L1 Median
objplotObjective Function Plot for Sparse PCs
opt.TPOModel Selection for Sparse (Robust) Principal Components
PCAgrid(Sparse) Robust Principal Components using the Grid search...
PCAprojRobust Principal Components using the algorithm of Croux and...
PCdiagplotDiagnostic plot for principal components
plotcovCompare two Covariance Matrices in Plots
plot.opt.TPOTradeoff Curves for Sparse PCs
Qnscale estimation using the robust Qn estimator
ScaleAdvcenters and rescales data
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