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Boston Housing Data


Data on median housing values from 506 census tracts in the suburbs of Boston from the 1970 census. This data frame is a corrected version of the original data by Harrison and Rubinfeld (1978) with additional spatial information. The data were taken directly from BostonHousing2 and unneeded columns (i.e., name of town, census tract, and the uncorrected median home value) were removed.




A data frame with 506 rows and 16 variables.

  • lon Longitude of census tract.

  • lat Latitude of census tract.

  • cmedv Corrected median value of owner-occupied homes in USD 1000's

  • crim Per capita crime rate by town.

  • zn Proportion of residential land zoned for lots over 25,000 sq.ft.

  • indus Proportion of non-retail business acres per town.

  • chas Charles River dummy variable (= 1 if tract bounds river; 0 otherwise).

  • nox Nitric oxides concentration (parts per 10 million).

  • rm Average number of rooms per dwelling.

  • age Proportion of owner-occupied units built prior to 1940.

  • dis Weighted distances to five Boston employment centers.

  • rad Index of accessibility to radial highways.

  • tax Full-value property-tax rate per USD 10,000.

  • ptratio Pupil-teacher ratio by town.

  • b $1000(B - 0.63)^2$ where B is the proportion of blacks by town.

  • lstat Percentage of lower status of the population.


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