Man pages for pedigreeTools
Versatile Functions for Working with Pedigrees

DmatDiagonal of D in the A = TDT' factorization.
editPedEdits a disordered or incomplete pedigree.
getAAdditive Relationship Matrix
getAInvInverse of the Relationship Matrix
getASelfingExtends the pedigree according to number of selfing cycles...
getGenAncestorsCounts number of generations of ancestors for one subject....
inbreedingInbreeding coefficients from a pedigree
ped2DFConvert a pedigree to a data frame
pedigreeConstructor for pedigree objects
pedigree-classPedigree class
prunePedSubsets a pedigree for a specified vector of individuals upto...
relfactorRelationship factor from a pedigree
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