Man pages for pedigreemm
Pedigree-based mixed-effects models

Dmatvector of the diagonal for the D matrix from the...
editPedComplete and Order a Pedigree
getAAdditive Relationship Matrix
getAInvInverse of the relationship matrix
inbreedingInbreeding coefficients from a pedigree...
mastitisMastitis cases in dairy cattle
milkMilk production
pedCowsPedigree of the cows in milk
pedCowsRPedigree of the cows in milk with 0.70 of the information in...
pedigreePedigree Constructor
pedigree-classClass "pedigree"
pedigreemmFit mixed-effects models incorporating pedigrees
pedigreemm-classPedigree-based mixed-effects model fits
pedSiresPedigree of the sires from mastitis
relfactorRelationship factor from a pedigree...
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