peperr: Parallelised Estimation of Prediction Error

Package peperr is designed for prediction error estimation through resampling techniques, possibly accelerated by parallel execution on a compute cluster. Newly developed model fitting routines can be easily incorporated.

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AuthorChristine Porzelius, Harald Binder
Date of publication2013-04-08 16:10:47
MaintainerChristine Porzelius <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aggregation.brier: Determine the Brier score for a fitted model

aggregation.misclass: Determine the missclassification rate for a fitted model

aggregation.pmpec: Determine the prediction error curve for a fitted model

complexity.ipec.CoxBoost: Interface function for complexity selection for CoxBoost via...

complexity.LASSO: Interface for selection of optimal parameter for lasso fit

complexity.mincv.CoxBoost: Interface for CoxBoost selection of optimal number of... Extract functions, libraries and global variables to be...

fit.CoxBoost: Interface function for fitting a CoxBoost model

fit.coxph: Interface function for fitting a Cox proportional hazards...

fit.LASSO: Interface function for fitting a generalised linear model...

ipec: Integrated prediction error curve

peperr: Parallelised Estimation of Prediction Error

perr: Prediction error estimates

PLL: Generic function for extracting the predictive partial...

PLL.CoxBoost: Predictive partial log-likelihood for CoxBoost model fit

PLL.coxph: Predictive partial log-likelihood for Cox poportional hazards...

plot.peperr: Plot method for peperr object

pmpec: Calculate prediction error curves

predictProb: Generic function for extracting predicted survival...

predictProb.CoxBoost: Extract predicted survival probabilities from a CoxBoost fit

predictProb.coxph: Extract predicted survival probabilities from a coxph object

predictProb.survfit: Extract predicted survival probabilities from a survfit...

resample.indices: Generation of indices for resampling Procedure


aggregation.brier Man page
aggregation.misclass Man page
aggregation.pmpec Man page
complexity.ipec.CoxBoost Man page
complexity.LASSO Man page
complexity.mincv.CoxBoost Man page
complexity.ripec.CoxBoost Man page Man page
fit.CoxBoost Man page
fit.coxph Man page
fit.LASSO Man page
ipec Man page
peperr Man page
perr Man page
PLL Man page
PLL.CoxBoost Man page
PLL.coxph Man page
plot.peperr Man page
pmpec Man page
predictProb Man page
predictProb.CoxBoost Man page
predictProb.coxph Man page
predictProb.survfit Man page
resample.indices Man page

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