Man pages for perARMA
Periodic Time Series Analysis

ab2phthFourier representation of real matrix
acfpacfPlotting usual ACF and PACF
arosaMonthly stratospheric ozone, Arosa
BcoeffFourier representation of covariance function
loglikecCalculation of the logarithm of likelihood function
loglikefCalculation of the logarithm of likelihood function (using...
makeparmaSimulation of PARMA sequence
parmafPARMA coefficients estimation
parmafilPARMA filtration
parma_identIdentification of PC-T structure
parmaresidComputing residuals of PARMA series
peracfPeriodic ACF function
perARMA-packagePeriodic Time Series Analysis and Modeling
permestPeriodic Mean Estimation
perpacfPeriodic PACF function
persigestPeriodic standard deviations
perYWYule-Walker estimators of PAR model
pgramPlotting the periodogram of time series
predictperYWPrediction for PAR model
R_w_maCovariance matrix for PARMA model (conditional)
scohPlotting the squared coherence statistic of time series
volumesVolumes of energy, Nord Pool Spot Exchange
volumes.sepVolumes of energy, Nord Pool Spot Exchange, from 1st and 2nd...
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