Man pages for permutations
The Symmetric Group: Permutations of a Finite Set

allpermsAll permutations of a given size and all cycles of a given...
as.function.permutationCoerce a permutation to a function
cConcatenation of permutations
capplyApply functions to elements of a cycle
cayleyCayley tables for permutation groups
commutatorGroup-theoretic commutator and group action; the dot object
conjugateAre two permutations conjugate?
cyclistdetails of cyclists
derangementTests for a permutation being a derangement
dodecahedronThe dodecahedron group
faroFaro shuffles
fbinThe fundamental bijection
fixedFixed elements
get1Retrieve particular cycles or components of cycles
idThe identity permutation
inverseInverse of a permutation
lengthVarious vector-like utilities for permutation objects.
megaminx_plotterPlotting routine for megaminx sequences
nullpermNull permutations
Ops.permutationArithmetic Ops Group Methods for permutations
orbitOrbits of integers
perm_matrixPermutation matrices
permorderThe order of a permutation
permutationFunctions to create and coerce word objects and cycle objects
permutations-packageThe Symmetric Group: Permutations of a Finite Set
printPrint methods for permutation objects
rpermRandom permutations
sgnSign of a permutation
shapeShape of a permutation
sizeGets or sets the size of a permutation
tidyUtilities to neaten permutation objects
validFunctions to validate permutations
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