dodecahedron: The dodecahedron group

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Permutations comprising the dodecahedron group on either its faces or its edges; also the full dodecahedron group


The package provides a number of objects for investigating dodecahedral groups:

Object dodecahedron_face is a cycle object with 60 elements corresponding to the permutations of the faces of a dodecahedron, numbered 1-12 as in the megaminx net. Object dodecahedron_edge is the corresponding object for permuting the edges of a dodecahedron. The edges are indexed by the lower of the two adjoining facets on the megaminx net.

Objects full_dodecahedron_face and full_dodecahedron_edge give the 120 elements of the full dodecahedron group, that is, the dodecahedron group including reflections. NB: these objects are not isomorphic to S5.


File zzz_dodecahedron.R is not really intended to be human-readable. The source file is in inst/ and inst/ which contain documented python source code.



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