Man pages for pez
Phylogenetics for the Environmental Sciences

cc.manipManipulating and examining comparative.comm objects
comparative.commCreates a community comparative ecology object, the basis of...
ConDivSimNull models for functional-phylogenetic diversity
dist.xxxMake co-existence matrices based on phylogeny (and/or)...
drop_tipTrim a phylogeny scape simulation with a macro-ecological focus of
fibre.plot'fibre.plot' (fibrously) plots a phylogeny
fingerprint.regressionRegress trait evolution against trait ecology (following...
generic.metricsCalculate any metric(s) (and compare with null distributions)
lajaMacroinvertebrate samples from the Rio Laja of Mexico
pezPhylogenetics for the Environmental Sciences
pez.dispersionCalculate (phylogenetic) dispersion: examine assemblages in...
pez.dissimilarityCalculate (phylogenetic) dissimilarity: compare assemblages...
pez.endemismCalculate (phylogenetic) endemism
pez.evennessCalculate (phylogenetic) evenness: examine assemblage...
pez-internalInternal pez Functions
pez.metricsPhylogenetic and functional trait metrics within pez
pez.shapeCalculate (phylogenetic) shape: examine assemblage...
pglmmPhylogenetic Generalised Linear Mixed Model for Community...
phy.buildBuild a novel phylogeny from existing data
phy.signalCalculate phylogenetic 'signal'
plot.comparative.commDot-plots of community presence/absence or abundance
scapeSimulate phylogenetic community structure across a landscape
sim.metaSimulate a meta-community (and its phylogeny)
sim.phySimulate phylogenies
trait.asmProduces simulated communities based on species attributes
traitgram.ccTraitgram for comparative community object
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