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Objects of class "FigLat" represent lattices of figures of the form Lambda+L+F, where Lambda is a (translation) vector lattice, L is a vector subpace (may be reduced to the null vector) and F is a bounded figure.


The vector subspace L should be perpendicular to the support of the vector lattice Lambda and to the figure F.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("FigLat", ...) or using generators such as FigLat.



Object of class "VecLat" representing Lambda.


Object of class "Figure" representing F.


Object of class "matrix" representing L.



signature(x = "FigLat", m = "matrix"): ltransf for a FigLat object.


signature(x = "FigLat", y = "missing"): plot a FigLat object. Implemented only for planar figures of lattices. The arguments xlim and ylim are mandatory in order to define the plot region. If the extra argument add (default: FALSE) is TRUE, the lattice of figures is added to the current plot.


signature(x = "FigLat"): print a FigLat object.


signature(x = "FigLat", s = "numeric"): scaling for a FigLat object.

See Also

Generator FigLat.

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