FigLatData-class: Class "FigLatData"

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Objects of class "FigLatData" store data associated with the figures of a figure lattice.



a "FigLat-class" object defining the figure lattice.


an array containing the figure data. Each element of data stores the content of a figure. For instance, in 2D, data[i,j,k] is the content of the figure lying at i*e1+j*e2 where e1 is the first basis vector of the lattice and e2 is the second basis vector. The last index k numbers the sampled structure.



signature("FigLatData"): print slot data.


signature(x="FigLatData",coord="matrix"): compute the empirical covariogram of data associated with figures in a figure lattice. The matrix columns of coord contain the coordinates (with respect to the vector lattice generating matrix) of shift vectors. The empirical covariogram is returned as a matrix. The first columns contain the shift vector coordinates (with respect to the canonical basis), the last column the empirical covariogram values.

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