Man pages for pharmaRTF
Enhanced RTF Wrapper for Use with Existing Table Packages

add_titles_footnotesAdd 'hf_line' title(s) and footnote(s) to a 'rtf_doc' object
alignReturn or set text alignment
boldReturn or set bold
column_header_bufferReturn or set column_header_buffer attributes
fontReturn or set font
font_sizeReturn or set font size
header_footer_heightReturn or set header/footer height
header_rowsReturn or set the header_rows
hf_lineCreate a title line container
ignore_cell_paddingReturn or set ignore_cell_padding
indexReturn or set index
italicReturn or set italics
marginsReturn or set margins
orientationReturn or set orientation
pagesizeReturn or set pagesize
rtf_docCreate a 'rtf_doc' object
textReturn or set text
titles_and_footnotes_from_dfRead titles and footnotes from a dataframe
view_footnotesView footnote information
view_titlesView title information
write_rtfWrite RTF document
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