Man pages for phaseR
Phase Plane Analysis of One- And Two-Dimensional Autonomous ODE Systems

competitionThe species competition model
dot-paramDummyA function such that we can apply DRY in param documentation
drawManifoldsStable and unstable manifolds
example1Example ODE system 1
example10Example ODE system 10
example11Example ODE system 11
example12Example ODE system 12
example13Example ODE system 13
example14Example ODE system 14
example15Example ODE system 15
example2Example ODE system 2
example3Example ODE system 3
example4Example ODE system 4
example5Example ODE system 5
example6Example ODE System 6
example7Example ODE system 7
example8Example ODE system 8
example9Example ODE system 9
exponentialThe exponential growth model
findEquilibriumEquilibrium point identification
flowFieldFlow field
lindemannMechanismThe Lindemann mechanism
logisticThe logistic growth model
lotkaVolterraThe Lotka-Volterra model
monomolecularThe monomolecular growth model
morrisLecarThe Morris-Lecar model
numericalSolutionNumerical solution and plotting
phasePlaneAnalysisPhase plane analysis
phasePortraitPhase portrait plot
phaseR-packagePhase plane analysis of one- and two-dimensional autonomous...
simplePendulumThe simple pendulum model
SIRThe SIR epidemic model
stabilityStability analysis
toggleThe genetic toggle switch model
trajectoryPhase plane trajectory plotting
vanDerPolThe Van der Pol oscillator
vonBertalanffyThe von Bertalanffy growth model
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