pheno: Auxiliary functions for phenological data analysis

Provides some easy-to-use functions for time series analyses of (plant-) phenological data sets. These functions mainly deal with the estimation of combined phenological time series and are usually wrappers for functions that are already implemented in other R packages adapted to the special structure of phenological data and the needs of phenologists. Some date conversion functions to handle Julian dates are also provided.

AuthorJoerg Schaber
Date of publication2012-10-23 09:37:11
MaintainerJoerg Schaber <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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connectedSets Man page
date2jul1 Man page
date2jul2 Man page
daylength Man page
daysbetween Man page
DWD Man page
getConnectedSets Man page
jul2date1 Man page
jul2date2 Man page
leapyear Man page
matrix2raw Man page
maxConnectedSet Man page
maxdaylength Man page
pheno.ddm Man page Man page Man page Man page
raw2matrix Man page
Searle Man page
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Simple Man page
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