Man pages for pheno
Auxiliary functions for phenological data analysis

connectedSetsConnected sets in a matrix
date2jul1Converts string date to Julian date
date2jul2Converts a date (day,month,year) to Julian date
daylengthDaylength at julian day i on latitude l
daysbetweenNumber of days between two dates
DWDPhenological observations
getConnectedSetsFinds connected sets in a matrix or data frame
jul2date1Converts Julian date into string date
jul2date2Converts Julian date to integers day,month,year
leapyearBoolean test for leap year
matrix2rawConverts numeric matrix to data frame
maxConnectedSetMaximal connected set in a matrix
maxdaylengthMaximal day length on latitude l
pheno.ddmDense design matrix for phenological data
pheno.flm.fitFits a two-way linear fixed model
pheno.lad.fitFits a robust two-way linear model
pheno.mlm.fitFits a two-way linear mixed model
raw2matrixConverts a numeric data frame to matrix
SearleExample of a two-way classification table
seqMKSequential Mann-Kendall test for time series.
SimpleSimple example of a two-way classification table
tauKendall's normalized tau
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