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Read Spectral and Logged Data from Foreign Files

as.colorSpecConvert into 'colorSpec::colorSpec' objects
colorSpec2mspctConvert 'colorSpec::colorSpec' objects
hyperSpec2mspctConvert 'hyperSpec::hyperSpec' objects
mspct2fdataConvert spectra into 'fda.usc::fdata' objects
photobiologyInOut-packagephotobiologyInOut: Read Spectral and Logged Data from Foreign...
read_ASTER_txtRead File downloaded from ASTER data base.
read_avaspec_csvRead '.csv' File Saved by Avantes' Software for AvaSpec.
read_cid_spectravue_csvRead File Saved by CID's SpectraVue.
read_csi_datRead '.DAT' file(s) saved by modern Campbell Scientific...
read_fmi2mspctRead multiple solar spectra from a data file.
read_fmi_cumRead daily cummulated solar spectrum data file(s).
read_foreign2mspctRead multiple foreign files with spectral data
read_FReD_csvRead '.CSV' FReD database.
read_li180_txtRead '.TXT' File(s) Saved by LI-COR's LI-180...
read_licor_prnRead '.PRN' File(s) Saved by LI-COR's PC1800 Program.
read_macam_dtaRead '.DTA' File Saved by Macam's Software.
read_oo_jazirradRead Files Saved by Ocean Optics' Jaz spectrometer.
read_oo_pidataRead File Saved by Ocean Optics' Raspberry Pi software.
read_oo_ssirradRead File Saved by Ocean Optics' SpectraSuite.
read_qtuv_txtRead Quick TUV output file.
read_spectrapen_csvRead '.CSV' File Saved by PSI's Software.
read_tuv_usroutRead TUV output file.
read_uvspec_disortRead libRadtran's uvspec output file.
read_uvspec_disort_vesaRead libRadtran's uvspec output file from batch job.
read_wasatch_csvRead File Saved by Wasatch's Enlighten.
read_yoctopuce_csvRead '.CSV' file(s) downloaded from YoctoPuce modules.
rspec2mspctConvert "pavo::rspec" objects
spct_CCTCorrelated color temperature
spct_CRIColor reproduction index
spct_SSISpectral (color) similarity index
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