qp_uvb313_temp.spct: Spectral irradiance of UVB lamps at different temperatures.

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Dataset of spectral irradiance from a set of two Q-Panel UVB-313 40W fluorescent tubes, measured at different temperatures.




A "source_spct" object with 777 rows (290 nm to 400 nm, 1.0 nm step) and 3 variables.

The variables are as follows:


Absolute values are comparable among the different temperatures. The lamps and the cosine diffuser were located inside a Conviron growth chamber. The measurements were done with a recently calibrated Macam double-monochromator spectroradiometer located outside the chamber and maintained at constant room temperature of 22 C. After each change in the temperature controller set-point enough time was allowed after the temperature had stabilized inside the chamber, for the output of the lamps to also become stable.


Instrument used: Macam SR-9010-PC scanning double monochromator spectroradiometer with a cosine corrected input optics. Recently calibrated. The lamps were driven by a high frequency electronic ballast.


Aphalo, P J, R Tegelberg, and R Julkunen-Tiitto. 1999. The Modulated UV-B Irradiation System at the University of Joensuu.<e2><80><9d> Biotronics 28: 109<e2><80><93>120. http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110006175827/en.

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