Man pages for phylin
Spatial Interpolation of Genetic Data

d.genGenetic distance matrix between vipers and lineages.
extract.varExtact pairwise values from a matrix in a specified order.
gen.variogramSemi-variogram with the genetic distance matrix
geo.distGeographical distance matrix for samples and interpolation...
gridGrid centroids for the Iberian Peninsula.
grid.imageSimple plot of interpolated grid.
gv.modelFit a model to the semi-variogram.
idwInverse Distance Weighting interpolation
intgen.idwInterpolation of genetic distances to a a grid of points.
krigSimple and ordinary kriging.
midpointsMidpoints between pairs of coordinates
mpinvGeneralized inverse of a matrix
mtest.gvTests if a 'gv' object has a model.
multispeciesSummarizes data from multiple species.
phylin-packagePhylogenetic Landscape Interpolation.
plot.gvPlot a 'gv' object
predict.gvPredict method for 'gen.variogram' object with model.
print.gvPrints details of a 'gv' object
simul.envSimulated environments.
simul.gen.distSimulated genetic distances.
simul.sampleRandom samples from simulation.
summary.gvSummary for 'gv' object
vipersVipers sample locations for 'd.gen' dataset.
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