Man pages for phyloTop
Calculating Topological Properties of Phylogenies

avgLadderAverage ladder size
cherriesCherry number
colless.phyloColless number
configShowPlot a tree highlighting configurations
getDepthsFind the depth of each node
getLabGenealogyCreate genealogy
ILnumberIL number
ladderShowShow ladders
ladderSizesLadder sizes
makeEpiRecordSimulate epidemiological record
makePhyloTreeMake phylogenetic tree (internal)
maxHeightMaximum tree height
nConfigConfiguration sizes in a tree
nodeDepthNode depth
nodeDepthFracFraction of nodes beyond a given depth
nodeImbNode imbalance
nodeImbFracFraction of nodes with given imbalance
phyloCheckCheck tree format (internal)
phyloTopphyloTop: topological properties of phylogenies
pitchforksNumber of pitchforks
rtree4Random phylo4 tree
sackin.phyloSackin index
splitTopSplit topology
subtreeShowHighlight a subtree
treeImbTree imbalance
widthsNumber of nodes at each depth
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