phylocurve: Phylogenetic Comparative Methods for High-Dimensional Traits

Tools for studying the evolution of high-dimensional traits (morphometric, function-valued, etc.) including ancestral state reconstruction, estimating phylogenetic signal, and assessing correlated trait evolution. Visit for more information.

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AuthorEric W. Goolsby
Date of publication2016-12-05 08:27:40
MaintainerEric W. Goolsby <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

compare.models: Compare evolutionary hypotheses

evo.model: Fit an evolutionary model Fast covariance-based implementations of distance-based... Fast covariance-based implementations of distance-based...

fast.geomorph.phylo.integration: Fast covariance-based implementations of distance-based...

fast.geomorph.physignal: Fast covariance-based implementations of distance-based...

fast.geomorph.procD.pgls: Fast covariance-based implementations of distance-based... Estimate aligned data for function-valued traits

get.tip.coefficients: Estimate regression coefficients for tip species curves Fit Gaussian process curves to species data

K.mult: Test phylogenetic signal (Kmult) using phylogenetic...

multipic: Efficient PIC algorithm for multiple traits Fit nonlinear curves to species data

paint.edges: Paint tree edges based on species regimes

phylocurve: Ancestral curve reconstruction for logistic regression (glm...

phylocurve.generalized: Align curves of any shape

phylocurve-package: Phylogenetic Comparative Methods for Function-Valued and...

phylocurve.trim: Trim aligned curves Fit polynomial curves to species data using stepwise...

prep_multipic: Prep multipic

print.evo.model: Print evo.model

sim.curves: Simulate function-valued curve evolution

sim.traits: Simulate multivariate trait evolution

ultraFastAnc: Ultra-fast maximum likelihood ancestral state reconstruction


compare.models Man page
evo.model Man page Man page Man page
fast.geomorph.phylo.integration Man page
fast.geomorph.physignal Man page
fast.geomorph.procD.pgls Man page Man page
get.tip.coefficients Man page Man page
K.mult Man page
multipic Man page Man page
paint.edges Man page
phylocurve Man page
phylocurve.generalized Man page
phylocurve-package Man page
phylocurve.trim Man page Man page
prep_multipic Man page
print.evo.model Man page
sim.curves Man page
sim.traits Man page
ultraFastAnc Man page

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