Man pages for phyloregion
Biogeographic Regionalization and Macroecology

africaPlants of southern Africa
arc_labelsAdd arc labels to plotted phylogeny
beta_dissTaxonomic (non-phylogenetic) beta diversity
choroplethBin values
coldspotsComputes biodiversity coldspots and hotspots
collapse_rangeCollapse nodes and ranges based on divergence times
countsPhyloregions for functional traits and phylogeny
EDGEEvolutionary Distinctiveness and Global Endangerment
evol_distinctSpecies' evolutionary distinctiveness
fishnetCreate a fishnet of regular grids
get_cladesGet descendant nodes of phylogeny at a given time depth
hexcolsGenerate diverging colors in HCL colour space.
indicatorsTop driving species in phyloregions
long2sparseConversion of community data
map_traitMap species' trait values in geographic space
match_phylo_commMatch taxa and in phylogeny and community matrix
mean_distMean distance matrix from a set of distance matrices
nodepieLabel phylogenetic nodes using pie
optimal_phyloregionDetermine optimal number of clusters
PDPhylogenetic diversity
PD_sesPhylogenetic diversity standardized for species richness
phylobetaPhylogenetic beta diversity
phylobeta_sesPhylogenetic beta diversity standardized for species beta...
phylobuilderCreate a subtree with largest overlap from a species list.
phylo_endemismPhylogenetic Endemism
phyloregionCalculate evolutionary distinctiveness of phyloregions
phyloregion-packageBiogeographic regionalization and spatial conservation
plot.phyloregionVisualize biogeographic patterns
plot_pieVisualize biogeographic patterns using pie charts
plot_structureVisualize biogeographic patterns using structure plots
plot_swatchPlot shapefile polygons based on slot values
random_speciesGenerate random species distributions in space
raster2commConvert raw input distribution data to community
read.communityRead in sparse community matrices
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sdmSpecies distribution models for a range of algorithms
selectbylocationSelect polygon features from another layer and adds polygon...
select_linkageCluster algorithm selection and validation
timesliceSlice phylogenetic tree at various time depths
weighted_endemismMeasure the distribution of narrow-ranged or endemic species.
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