Man pages for physiology
Calculate physiologic characteristics of awake and anesthetized adults, children and infants

adj_weight_adultadjusted body weight
age_from_datesage from birth and reference dates
age_mCalculate age in years from other units
alveolar_PAO2_mmHgalveolar gas equation
bloodvolEstimate Blood Volume
bmiBody Mass Index (BMI) for adults
bsaEstimate body surface area
creatinine_mgdl_to_uMConvert serum creatinine from mg/dL to umol/L
deadspace_equipment_mlCalculate equipment deadspace in ventilator breathing circuit
deadspace_things_mlApparatus dead space for common things
deadspace_totalEstimate ventilation dead-space
egfrAutomatically select the best equation to use for estimated...
ett_size_by_ageEstimate appropriate size of endotracheal tube for infants...
ett_vol_mlEstimate volume inside an endotracheal tube
french_to_diameter_mmFrench to diameter
henderson_hasselbalchpH by Henderson Hasselbalch equation
ideal_weightideal weight for adults
ideal_weight_Traubideal weight for child per Traub
is_adultIs age >= 18 years
Pa_to_torrConversion factor from Pa to torr (mmHg)
pres_atm_kPaGet mean atmospheric pressure at given altitude in kPa
svp_sea_levelSaturation vapor pressure of water at sea level
temp_c_to_kTemperature in Kelvin from Celsius
valid_heightValidate physiologic input parameters
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