pkgmaker: Package development utilities

This package provides some low-level utilities to use for package development. It currently provides managers for multiple package specific options and registries, vignette, unit test and bibtex related utilities. It serves as a base package for packages like NMF, RcppOctave, doRNG, and as an incubator package for other general purposes utilities, that will eventually be packaged separately. It is still under heavy development and changes in the interface(s) are more than likely to happen.

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AuthorRenaud Gaujoux
Date of publication2014-05-14 16:18:51
MaintainerRenaud Gaujoux <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

add_lib: Adding Package Libraries

addnames: Generating Names

addToLogger: Enhancing RUnit Logger

alphacol: Colour utilities

bibtex: Bibtex Utilities

cgetAnywhere: Get Anywhere

checkPlot: Plot in Unit Tests

citecmd: Citing Package References

cite_pkg: 'bibcite' provides an inline package citation functionnality....

CLIArgumentParser: Enhanced Command Line Argument Parser

compile_src: Compile Source Files from a Development Package

devutils: Package Development Utilities

dot-packageMetaRegistry: Creates or Retrieves a Package Meta Registry

exitCheck: Exit Error Checks

expand_list: Expanding Lists

ExposeAttribute: Exposing Object Attributes

file_extension: Extract File Extension

fix_registry: Fix Registry Access Functions

formals: Extracting Local Function Definition

graphics-utils: Utility Functions for Graphics

hasArg2: Checking for Missing Arguments

hasEnvar: Check Environment Variables

install.dependencies: Installing All Package Dependencies

inSweave: Identifying Sweave Run

isCRANcheck: Package Check Utils

is_something: Testing Object Type

knit_ex: Knitr Extensions

latex: LaTeX Utilities for Vignettes

libutils: Library Files Utilities

load: Default Load/Unload Functions

local-options: Quick Option-like Feature

lverbose: Internal verbosity option

makeFakeVignette: Generate a Fake Vignette

makeUnitVignette: Make Vignette for Unit Tests

mirrors: Setting Mirrors and Repositories

namespace: Namespace Development Functions

new2: Alternative S4 Constructor

oneoffVariable: One-off Global Variables

options: 'option_symlink' creates a symbolic link to option 'x'.

orderVersion: Ordering Version Numbers

packageCLI: Package Specific Command Line Interface

packageData: Loading Package Data

packageDependencies: List Package Dependencies

packageExtra: Install/Run Extra Things After Standard Package Installation

packageReference: Package References

packageTestEnv: Returns the package internal environment where unit tests are...

parsePackageCitation: Formatting Package Citations in Sweave/knitr Documents

pkgmaker-defunct: Defunct Functions in pkgmaker

postponeAction: Postponing Actions

quickinstall: Quick Installation of a Source Package

RdSection2latex: Format Rd Sections into LatTeX

regfetch: Finds an entry in a registry.

registry: Package Registry

requirePackage: Require a Package

require.quiet: Silent Require

requireRUnit: Load RUnit Compatible Package

R.exec: Executing R Commands

Rversion: Complete R version

setClassRegistry: Automatic S4 Class for Registry Entries

setupPackageOptions: Package Specific Options

simpleRegistry: Simple Package Registry

source_files: Source Multiple Files

str_diff: Finding Differences Between Strings

str_out: Formatting Utilities

sVariable: Global Static Variable

Sys.getenv_value: System Environment Variables

testRversion: Testing R Version

uchecks: Extra Check Functions for RUnit

unit.test: Embedded Unit Tests

userIs: Checking R User

utest: Running Unit Tests

utestFramework: Inferring Unit Test Framework

utestPath: Unit Tests Result Directory

vignette: Identifies Manually Run Vignettes

write_PACKAGES_index: Generate CRAN-like Repository Index

write.pkgbib: Generate a Bibtex File from Package Citations

writeUnitVignette: Writes Unit Tests Vignette


add_lib Man page
addnames Man page
addnames.array Man page
addnames.default Man page
addnames.matrix Man page
addNamespaceExport Man page
addnames.vector Man page
addToLogger Man page
allFormals Man page
alphacol Man page
as.package Man page
as.package_options Man page
as.rnw Man page
attr_mode Man page
attr_mode<- Man page
cgetAnywhere Man page
checkPlot Man page
checkWarning Man page
citecmd Man page
cite_pkg Man page
CLIArgumentParser Man page
compactVignettes Man page
compile_src Man page
CRAN Man page
exitCheck Man page
expand_dots Man page
expand_list Man page
ExposeAttribute Man page
extractLocalFun Man page
file_extension Man page
fix_registry Man page
getBiocMirror Man page
getBiocRepos Man page
getLoadingNamespace Man page
graphics-utils Man page
hasArg2 Man page
hasEnvar Man page
hasNames Man page
hasPackageRegistry Man page
hook_backspace Man page
hook_toggle Man page
hook_try Man page
install.dependencies Man page
install.extrapackages Man page
install.extras Man page
inSweave Man page
isCHECK Man page
isCRANcheck Man page
isCRAN_timing Man page
isDevNamespace Man page
is.dir Man page
isFALSE Man page
is.file Man page
isInteger Man page
isLoadingNamespace Man page
isManualVignette Man page
is_NA Man page
isNamespaceLoaded Man page
isNumber Man page
is_option_symlink Man page
isPackageInstalled Man page
isReal Man page
is_something Man page
isString Man page
is.verbose Man page
knit_ex Man page
latex_bibliography Man page
latex_preamble Man page
ldata Man page
libname Man page
list.libs Man page
listPackageOptions Man page
lmessage Man page
lsilent Man page
lverbose Man page
makeFakeVignette Man page
makeUnitVignette Man page
mfrow Man page
mkoptions Man page
new2 Man page
ns_get Man page
oneoffVariable Man page
onLoad Man page
onUnload Man page
.options Man page
option_symlink Man page
option_symlink_target Man page
orderVersion Man page
packageCLI Man page
packageData Man page
packageDependencies Man page
packageEnv Man page
packageExtra Man page
packageExtraHandler Man page
packageExtraRunner Man page
.packageMetaRegistry Man page
packageName Man page
[[.package_options Man page
packageOptions Man page
packagePath Man page
packageReference Man page
packageReferenceFile Man page
packageRegistries Man page
packageRegistry Man page
packageTestEnv Man page
parseCMD Man page
parsePackageCitation Man page
pkgmaker-defunct Man page
pkgreg_fetch Man page
pkgreg_remove Man page
postponeAction Man page
quickinstall Man page
R.CMD Man page
RdSection2latex Man page
regfetch Man page
requirePackage Man page
require.quiet Man page
requireRUnit Man page
R.exec Man page
rnw Man page
rnwChildren Man page
rnwCompiler Man page
rnwDriver Man page
rnwIncludes Man page
rnwWrapper Man page
R.SHLIB Man page
runPostponedAction Man page
Rversion Man page
setBiocMirror Man page
setClassRegistry Man page
setCRANMirror Man page
setPackageExtra Man page
setPackageExtraHandler Man page
setPackageRegistry Man page
setPackageRegistryEntry Man page
setupPackageOptions Man page
simpleRegistry Man page
sortVersion Man page
source_files Man page
str_bs Man page
str_desc Man page
str_diff Man page
str_fun Man page
str_ns Man page
str_out Man page
sVariable Man page
Sys.getenv_value Man page
testRversion Man page
topns Man page
topns_name Man page
unit.test Man page
userIs Man page
utest Man page
utest,character-method Man page
utestFramework Man page
utest,function-method Man page
utest-methods Man page
utestPath Man page
utest,RUnitTestSuite-method Man page
vignetteMakefile Man page
vmessage Man page
write.bib Man page
write_PACKAGES_index Man page
write.pkgbib Man page
writeUnitVignette Man page


inst/tests/runit.utils.r inst/tests/runit.options.r
R/repositories.R R/utils.R R/project.R R/registry.R R/graphics.R R/colors.R R/devutils.R R/files.R R/namespace.R R/logging.R R/unitTests.R R/data.R R/bibtex.R R/package-extra.R R/options.R R/knitr.R R/packages.R R/is.R R/rd.R R/CLI.R R/package.R R/vignette.R
man/checkPlot.Rd man/write_PACKAGES_index.Rd man/knit_ex.Rd man/userIs.Rd man/utestFramework.Rd man/devutils.Rd man/requireRUnit.Rd man/setupPackageOptions.Rd man/str_out.Rd man/vignette.Rd man/RdSection2latex.Rd man/compile_src.Rd man/bibtex.Rd man/local-options.Rd man/postponeAction.Rd man/cite_pkg.Rd man/citecmd.Rd man/fix_registry.Rd man/file_extension.Rd man/testRversion.Rd man/new2.Rd man/hasArg2.Rd man/requirePackage.Rd man/addnames.Rd man/namespace.Rd man/utestPath.Rd man/writeUnitVignette.Rd man/Rversion.Rd man/mirrors.Rd man/cgetAnywhere.Rd man/packageReference.Rd man/graphics-utils.Rd man/formals.Rd man/utest.Rd man/unit.test.Rd man/latex.Rd man/require.quiet.Rd man/options.Rd man/orderVersion.Rd man/libutils.Rd man/Sys.getenv_value.Rd man/isCRANcheck.Rd man/packageExtra.Rd man/quickinstall.Rd man/sVariable.Rd man/simpleRegistry.Rd man/dot-packageMetaRegistry.Rd man/setClassRegistry.Rd man/addToLogger.Rd man/registry.Rd man/install.dependencies.Rd man/lverbose.Rd man/parsePackageCitation.Rd man/pkgmaker-defunct.Rd man/load.Rd man/packageData.Rd man/is_something.Rd man/source_files.Rd man/CLIArgumentParser.Rd man/exitCheck.Rd man/uchecks.Rd man/packageTestEnv.Rd man/regfetch.Rd man/str_diff.Rd man/ExposeAttribute.Rd man/makeFakeVignette.Rd man/write.pkgbib.Rd man/R.exec.Rd man/hasEnvar.Rd man/packageDependencies.Rd man/expand_list.Rd man/oneoffVariable.Rd man/makeUnitVignette.Rd man/inSweave.Rd man/add_lib.Rd man/packageCLI.Rd man/alphacol.Rd

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