Man pages for pks
Probabilistic Knowledge Structures

blimBasic Local Independence Models (BLIMs)
chessResponses to Chess Problems and Knowledge Structures
conversionConversion between Representations of Responses or States
delineateDelineate a Knowledge Structure by a Skill Function
DoignonFalmagne7Artificial Responses from Doignon and Falmagne (1999)
endmResponses and Knowledge Structures from Heller and...
fwd_bck_gradedForward- or Backward-Gradedness of a Knowledge Structure
itaItem Tree Analysis (ITA)
jacobianJacobian Matrix for Basic Local Independence Model
plot.blimDiagnostic Plot for Basic Local Independence Models
print.blimPrint a blim Object
probabilityProblems in Elementary Probability Theory
residuals.blimResiduals for Basic Local Independence Models
simulate.blimSimulate Responses from Basic Local Independence Models...
TaageperaResponses and Knowledge Structures from Taagepera et al....
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