Man pages for plan
Tools for Project Planning

as.burndownCreate a burndown object
as.ganttCreate a gantt object.
burndownSample burndown dataset
burndown-classClass to store burndown objects
check.tokenscheck tokens
ganttSample gantt dataset
ganttAddTaskAdd a task to a gantt object
gantt-classClass to store gantt objects
planPlan, a package for project planning
plan-classBase Class for plan Objects
plot-burndown-methodDraw a burndown chart
plot-gantt-methodDraw a Gantt diagram
read.burndownScan burndown data file
read.ganttRead a gantt data file
sub-sub-plan-methodExtract Something From a plan Object
sub-subset-plan-methodReplace Parts of a plan Object
summary-burndown-methodSummarize a burndown object
summary-gantt-methodSummarize a gantt object
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