plfm: Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis

Functions for estimating probabilistic latent feature models with a disjunctive or a conjunctive mapping rule on (aggregated) binary three-way data.

AuthorMichel Meulders [aut, cre], Philippe De Bruecker [ctb]
Date of publication2015-12-16 15:10:54
MaintainerMichel Meulders <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anger: Situational determinants of anger-related behavior

anger2: Situational determinants of anger-related behavior

bayesplfm: Bayesian analysis of probabilistic latent feature models for...

car: Ratings of associations between car models and car attributes

car2: Judgements on associations between car models and car...

gendat: Data generation

gendatLCplfm: Data generation

hostility: self-reported hostile behavior in frustrating situations

LCplfm: Latent class probabilistic feature analysis of three-way...

plfm: Probabilistic latent feature analysis of two-way two-mode...

plfm-package: Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis

plot.LCplfm: plot parameters in 'LCplfm' object

plot.plfm: plot parameters in 'plfm' object

plot.stepLCplfm: Plot fit of 'stepLCplfm' objects

plot.stepplfm: Plot fit of 'stepplfm' objects

print.bayesplfm: Printing 'bayesplfm' objects

print.LCplfm: Printing LCplfm objects

print.plfm: Printing plfm objects

print.stepLCplfm: Printing 'stepLCplfm' objects

print.stepplfm: Printing 'stepplfm' objects

print.summary.bayesplfm: Printing summaries of Bayesian probabilistic latent feature...

print.summary.plfm: Printing summaries of probabilistic latent feature analysis...

print.summary.stepLCplfm: Printing summaries of 'stepLCplfm' objects

print.summary.stepplfm: Printing summaries of 'stepplfm' objects

stepLCplfm: Latent class probabilistic latent feature analysis of...

stepplfm: Probabilistic latent feature analysis of two-way two-mode...

summary.bayesplfm: Summarizing Bayesian probabilistic latent feature analysis

summary.plfm: Summarizing probabilistic latent feature analysis

summary.stepLCplfm: Summary method for 'stepLCplfm' objects

summary.stepplfm: Summary method for 'stepplfm' objects

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