plfm: Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis

Functions for estimating probabilistic latent feature models with a disjunctive or a conjunctive mapping rule on (aggregated) binary three-way data.

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AuthorMichel Meulders [aut, cre], Philippe De Bruecker [ctb]
Date of publication2015-12-16 15:10:54
MaintainerMichel Meulders <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anger: Situational determinants of anger-related behavior

anger2: Situational determinants of anger-related behavior

bayesplfm: Bayesian analysis of probabilistic latent feature models for...

car: Ratings of associations between car models and car attributes

car2: Judgements on associations between car models and car...

gendat: Data generation

gendatLCplfm: Data generation

hostility: self-reported hostile behavior in frustrating situations

LCplfm: Latent class probabilistic feature analysis of three-way...

plfm: Probabilistic latent feature analysis of two-way two-mode...

plfm-package: Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis

plot.LCplfm: plot parameters in 'LCplfm' object

plot.plfm: plot parameters in 'plfm' object

plot.stepLCplfm: Plot fit of 'stepLCplfm' objects

plot.stepplfm: Plot fit of 'stepplfm' objects

print.bayesplfm: Printing 'bayesplfm' objects

print.LCplfm: Printing LCplfm objects

print.plfm: Printing plfm objects

print.stepLCplfm: Printing 'stepLCplfm' objects

print.stepplfm: Printing 'stepplfm' objects

print.summary.bayesplfm: Printing summaries of Bayesian probabilistic latent feature...

print.summary.plfm: Printing summaries of probabilistic latent feature analysis...

print.summary.stepLCplfm: Printing summaries of 'stepLCplfm' objects

print.summary.stepplfm: Printing summaries of 'stepplfm' objects

stepLCplfm: Latent class probabilistic latent feature analysis of...

stepplfm: Probabilistic latent feature analysis of two-way two-mode...

summary.bayesplfm: Summarizing Bayesian probabilistic latent feature analysis

summary.plfm: Summarizing probabilistic latent feature analysis

summary.stepLCplfm: Summary method for 'stepLCplfm' objects

summary.stepplfm: Summary method for 'stepplfm' objects


anger Man page
anger2 Man page
bayesplfm Man page
car Man page
car2 Man page
gendat Man page
gendatLCplfm Man page
hostility Man page
LCplfm Man page
plfm Man page
plfm-package Man page
plot.LCplfm Man page
plot.plfm Man page
plot.stepLCplfm Man page
plot.stepplfm Man page
print.bayesplfm Man page
print.LCplfm Man page
print.plfm Man page
print.stepLCplfm Man page
print.stepplfm Man page
print.summary.bayesplfm Man page
print.summary.plfm Man page
print.summary.stepLCplfm Man page
print.summary.stepplfm Man page
stepLCplfm Man page
stepplfm Man page
summary.bayesplfm Man page
summary.plfm Man page
summary.stepLCplfm Man page
summary.stepplfm Man page

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