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Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis

angerSituational determinants of anger-related behavior
anger2Situational determinants of anger-related behavior
bayesplfmBayesian analysis of probabilistic latent feature models for...
carRatings of associations between car models and car attributes
car2Judgements on associations between car models and car...
gendatData generation
gendatLCplfmData generation
hostilityself-reported hostile behavior in frustrating situations
LCplfmLatent class probabilistic feature analysis of three-way...
plfmProbabilistic latent feature analysis of two-way two-mode...
plfm-packageProbabilistic Latent Feature Analysis
plot.LCplfmplot parameters in 'LCplfm' object
plot.plfmplot parameters in 'plfm' object
plot.stepLCplfmPlot fit of 'stepLCplfm' objects
plot.stepplfmPlot fit of 'stepplfm' objects
print.bayesplfmPrinting 'bayesplfm' objects
print.LCplfmPrinting LCplfm objects
print.plfmPrinting plfm objects
print.stepLCplfmPrinting 'stepLCplfm' objects
print.stepplfmPrinting 'stepplfm' objects
print.summary.bayesplfmPrinting summaries of Bayesian probabilistic latent feature...
print.summary.plfmPrinting summaries of probabilistic latent feature analysis...
print.summary.stepLCplfmPrinting summaries of 'stepLCplfm' objects
print.summary.stepplfmPrinting summaries of 'stepplfm' objects
stepLCplfmLatent class probabilistic latent feature analysis of...
stepplfmProbabilistic latent feature analysis of two-way two-mode...
summary.bayesplfmSummarizing Bayesian probabilistic latent feature analysis
summary.plfmSummarizing probabilistic latent feature analysis
summary.stepLCplfmSummary method for 'stepLCplfm' objects
summary.stepplfmSummary method for 'stepplfm' objects
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