is.pseries: Check if an object is a pseries

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is.pseriesR Documentation

Check if an object is a pseries


This function checks if an object qualifies as a pseries





object to be checked for pseries features


A "pseries" is a wrapper around a "basic class" (numeric, factor, logical, character, or complex).

To qualify as a pseries, an object needs to have the following features:

  • class contains "pseries" and there are at least two classes ("pseries" and the basic class),

  • have an appropriate index attribute (defines the panel structure),

  • any of is.numeric, is.factor, is.logical, is.character, is.complex is TRUE.


A logical indicating whether the object is a pseries (TRUE) or not (FALSE).

See Also

pseries() for some computations on pseries and some further links.


# Create a pdata.frame and extract a series, which becomes a pseries
data("EmplUK", package = "plm")
Em <- pdata.frame(EmplUK)
z <- Em$output

class(z) # pseries as indicated by class
is.pseries(z) # and confirmed by check

# destroy index of pseries and re-check
attr(z, "index") <- NA
is.pseries(z) # now FALSE

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