Man pages for plmDE
Additive partially linear models for differential gene expression analysis

fitBsplineCompute B-Spline Basis for Data
fitGAPLMFit a Generalized Additive Partially Linear Model on Gene...
head.DEresultsPreview of Data in 'DEresults' object
head.plmDEPreview of 'plmDE' object
histDEresultsCreate a Histogram of P-values
infoInformation about an Object
info.plmDEObtain Information about 'plmDE' object
limmaPLMAdapt Additive Partially Linear Models for Testing via...
mostDEFind Genes with the Most Evidence for Differential Expression
plmDEmodelConstructor for objects of type 'plmDE'
plmDEmodel.defaultCreates a class to hold Expression Data and Other...
plmDE-packageGeneralized Additive Partially Linear Models for Gene...
plot.DEresultsPlot Fit of 'DEresults' Model
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