Man pages for plmm
Partially Linear Mixed Effects Model

coef.plmmExtract Fixed Regression Coefficients
fitted.plmmExtract Model Fitted Values
plmmPartially Linear Mixed Effects Model
plmm.bsBootstrap Inference
plmm.dataData Set for the Package Examples
plmm-packagePartially Linear Mixed Effects Model
plot.plmmNonparametric Function Plot
predict.plmmConditional or Unconditional Model Prediction
ranef.plmmRandom Effects Prediction
residuals.plmmExtract Model Residuals
select.h0Bandwidths Selection for Model Reduction of the bootstrap estimates of the sampling...
summary.plmmSummary of a Fitted Partially Linear Mixed Effects Model.
var.plotNonparametric Variance Function Estimation and Plotting
wplmmWeighted Partially Linear Mixed Effects Model
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