Man pages for plot3D
Plotting Multi-Dimensional Data

arrows3DPlots arrows, segments, points, lines, polygons, rectangles...
colorkeyPlots a color legend
colorsColors, shading, lighting.
contour3DContours in 3-D plots.
ImageExtended image and contour plots for 2-D (and 3-D) data.
image3DImages in 3-D plots.
ImageOceanThe earths hypsometry (land elevation) and the ocean's...
meshRectangular grids.
OxsatYearly averaged oxygen saturation from the NODC World Ocean...
persp3DPerspective plots, 3-D ribbons and 3-D histograms.
perspboxCreates an empty perspective box, ready for adding objects
plot3DPlotting multi-dimensional data.
plotdevHandling and plotting plotting lists.
scatterColored scatter plots and text in 2-D and 3-D
slice3DFunctions for plotting 3-D volumetric data.
surf3DFunctions for plotting 3 dimensional shapes
trans3DTransformation of 3D elements
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