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An API Generator for R

as_attachmentReturn an attachment response
deprecatedDeprecated functions
deprecated_r6Deprecated R6 functions
digitaloceanDigitalOcean Plumber server
endpoint_serializerEndpoint Serializer with Hooks
forwardForward Request to The Next Handler
get_character_setRequest character set
include_fileSend File Contents as Response
is_plumberDetermine if Plumber object
options_plumberPlumber options
parsersPlumber Parsers
pipePipe operator
plumbProcess a Plumber API
plumb_apiProcess a Package's Plumber API
PlumberPackage Plumber Router
PlumberEndpointPlumber Endpoint
PlumberStaticStatic file router
PlumberStepplumber step R6 class
prCreate a new Plumber router
pr_cookieStore session data in encrypted cookies.
pr_filterAdd a filter to Plumber router
pr_handleAdd handler to Plumber router
pr_hookRegister a hook
pr_mountMount a Plumber router
pr_runStart a server using 'plumber' object
pr_set_404Set the handler that is called when the incoming request...
pr_set_api_specSet the OpenAPI Specification
pr_set_debugSet debug value to include error messages of routes cause an...
pr_set_docsSet the API visual documentation
pr_set_docs_callbackSet the 'callback' to tell where the API visual documentation...
pr_set_errorSet the error handler that is invoked if any filter or...
pr_set_parsersSet the default endpoint parsers for the router
pr_set_serializerSet the default serializer of the router
pr_staticAdd a static route to the 'plumber' object
random_cookie_keyRandom cookie key generator
register_docsAdd visual documentation for plumber to use
register_parserManage parsers
register_serializerRegister a Serializer
serializersPlumber Serializers
session_cookieStore session data in encrypted cookies.
validate_api_specValidate OpenAPI Spec
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