Man pages for polyPK
The Pharmacokinetics (PK) of Multi-Component Drugs Using a Metabolomics Approach

ATest data of differential metabolites
BTest data of endogenous metabolites
CTest data of absorbed drug metabolites
CorrPlotPlot the correlation diagram of two datasets
DataPrePreprocess the input data
designTest data of study design
drugDataThe drug constitutes dataset (data frame)
GetAbsoGet the absorbed drug constitutes from the differential...
GetDiffDataGet the differential compounds across all the time points
GetEndoGet the altered endogenous metabolites from the differential...
GetSecdAbsoGet the secondary metabolites of the absorbed drug...
HeatMapPlot the heatmap of input data
PKsCalculate the representative pharmacokinetics parameters and...
postDataThe post-dose metabolites dataset (data frame)
preDataThe pre-dose metabolites dataset (data frame)
ScatPlotPlot the PCA or PLSDA score figures and trajectories on input...
SimiGet the same compounds in two datasets
simidataTest data of same compounds.
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